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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Open cutivation?


That's not a spelling error, it's really called Cutivate, not cultivate. It's a medication designed to relieve inflammatory skin conditions. Why it's a pun of "cultivate" is beyond me.

This pun doesn't work too well either:
It's as bad as the "scar zone" name; with "cut" in the name, you certainly don't want to emphasize the spreading of them!


Unknown said...

One of our clients was a big fan of the coined word "valuition" until we found no one could say it and only a couple could spell it. That, and when city-folk tried to say it they sounded exactly the same as when they said "valuation."

Neat concept (value and intuition together) horribly executed.

I suppose the only link is the "tion" ending... but I'm gonna tell my story damnit.