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Friday, September 7, 2007

No Sxoop for you!


Just looking at the name is headache-inducing. How can you possibly pronounce a name starting with that consonant cluster (Sx-) ?

I guess you can take the X as silent, and pronounce it as "soup" or "zoop."


Q. Pheevr said...

I think I would pronounce it shoop (IPA /ʃup/) or perhaps sshoop /sʃup/. This reading is, of course, influenced by Basque orthography.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's sCoop. Sort of like a K.

Anonymous said...

"scoop"; that "X" is maybe a chi. :)

testking 70-643 said...

I think its better to pronounce as scoop.

285fpb said...

How the hell do you pronnounce that word? It's impossible to pronnounce Damn ! I would never choose one name like that !