Examining the names of Web 2.0 startups: part 5 (#15-19) ~ Bad Product Names

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Examining the names of Web 2.0 startups: part 5 (#15-19)

This is the second to the last part of the Web 2.0 name series. We're examining the names of Web 2.0 services #15 to 19 of Business 2.0's Top 25 Web Startups.

15. Soonr

What is with web 2.0 companies dropping vowels from their names? The name is puzzling: the service allows you to access your PC from your mobile phone. Plus their headquarters are located in California, not Oklahoma as you would expect!
Pros: none
Cons: misleading name, copycat name

16. Turn

An ad service in which advertisers pay for targetted results. Not seeing how this related much to the name (perhaps one could "turn" ads into results?). A four-letter dictionary word as their domain name will certainly help them though.
Pros: name is short, common word
Cons: name isn't related to the service that much

17. + 18. Adify, Admob

Both Adify and Admob are advertising services as one would expect from the names. Not much to discuss on these names, they do what one would think they would do. Adify does have a nifty -ify suffix, which allows the name to be verbed easily.
Pros: functional names
Cons: not very original names

19. SpotRunner

SpotRunner is a service that sells premade TV ads. You can personalize those ads by giving your company name, phone number, web address, etc. This isn't a bad name at all, the name works quite well in relation to what they are offering. The name works in multiple meanings, the logo symbolizes one meaning (the dog that is running), and the service symbolizes the other (running TV advertising spots).
Pros: name makes sense over 2 meanings
Cons: nothing that bad; name can be somewhat long to type


James Xocai said...

With regards to the web 2.0 names leaving vowels and sounds out, it makes it much easier to remember -- the brand-ability factor.

The funny thing is, though, with these web domains. There are people who go out and buy tons of web 2.0 domains that nobody will ever buy, like frykti.com .....

I mean, if you can get a good generic domain name, that would be different.

640-822 said...

Yes! it true that there are lots of people who go out and tons of web 2.0 domains, but not more than 100 comes up. Yes its fact.

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